Glossary and Definitions

Here is a list of the most important and widely used words relating to POS (Point of Sale).


  • Pos - Point of Sale is where the product is sold

  • Pos System - Point of Sales computer system

  • Pos Marketing - strategic advertising at the point of sale

  • Retail POS Software - Point of Sales Software Application

  • Digital Signing - is an electronic rather than a written signature

  • Digital Retailing - makes complete digital sales transactions possible

  • POS CMS - a complete software solution for any kind of POS Management of Multimedia Touch Screens and Content.

  • Pos Infodisplays - Multimedia Touch Screens used for Digital Signage Solutions and POS systems

  • Digitale Signage - describes the use of digital interactive media content in advertising, information systems and POS-Displays

  • Digitale POS-Displays  - interactive Touch Screens that allow information and products to be displayed

  • API POS -  API (Application Programming Interface) is code that allows two programs to communicate with each other. ( POS with a CMS system )

  • Pos-Terminal - a Terminal used for cashless payment.