We bring Trade, Industry and end users together at the POS

Interactive POS digitisation

Customer: Hamberger Flooring GmbH

  • Digital support for the entire sales process right up to the offer (digital and printed)
  • Self-service scenario and consulting support
  • Simple and clear configuration of the desired flooring via tablets, monitor and touchtable incl. Matching accessories, such as VR glasses and printers
  • API Interface connection of external customer systems and content
  • VR experience: In the application developed by MSM, the customer can move through an apartment and select different floor scenarios.


Digital Tabletop Dual Monitor

Customer: Microsoft Germany GmbH

  • Development of a digital tabletop double monitors
  • Attention-oriented POS campaign display
  • Simple and inexpensive exchange of digital content and information
  • Campaign broadcasting for monitors with touch function or without touch function

Microsoft CH

Interactive scenarios

Customer: Microsoft Switzerland GmbH

  • Interactive step-by-step scenarios provide end-users with targeted guidance on the testing of display devices, including accessories (e.g., pencil usage)
  • Configuration and installation of the tablets on the display devices
  • Active customer dialog approach via call-to-action
  • Purchase stimulation for equipment and accessories